Tatiana Zdyb. Clinical Psychologist in London Ontario.

Mental Health Promotion

The pursuit of health is intrinsic to all individuals in all societies. There can be no health without mental health. I believe that symptom reduction is only part of the treatment of mental illness and/or mental health concerns. Zdyb Centre for Health Promotion offers a more integrative approach to mental health care by utilizing Clinical Psychology and Behavioural Medicine to help individuals and couples create and maintain the lives they want to live.

Part of creating a life worth living is developing or enhancing abilities to tolerate and/or transform the symptoms and/or circumstances that negatively impact health. The outcome of my doctoral research was the development of a theory of resilience based on these abilities. While individuals have incredible capacities for resilience, it is a social process that requires efficacy of person and of place. At any given moment during the process of resilience people are confronted with competing needs to both accept their experiences and to change them.

Mental Health Promotion involves enabling clients to increase control over and improve their health through developing individual and social resources aimed at psychological wellness.