Couple Therapy (Treatment Modalities)

Since different approaches work for different couples, I offer both cognitive-based and emotion-focused couple therapies. I am competent in the following treatment modalities.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) evolved from philosophy, psychology and science. CBT was influenced by the Stoic philosopher Epictetus. Dr. Albert Ellis, one of the early pioneers blending behavioural and cognitive sciences, credits Dr. Alfred Adler as being an influential precursor to modern CBT. I earned my Master’s and completed 3 years of Doctoral training at Adler University, where I was fortunate to receive in depth instruction in cognitive-behavioural treatments.

CBT is short-term, goal-oriented treatment that promotes objectivity and flexibility in thinking. Rather than treating thoughts and beliefs as fact or truth, CBT fosters an understanding of these as having been shaped by our experiences, culture, etc. CBT encourages examination of beliefs and evaluation of whether or not these are serving to promote health and/or are relevant to current circumstances. Becoming aware of how thoughts influence feelings and behaviours not only increases insight, it often also leads to different emotional and behavioural outcomes.

Emotion Focused Couple Therapy

Emotion Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) was developed by Dr. Sue Johnson as a structured, attachment informed approach to couple therapy. This goal oriented treatment aims to enhance understanding, expand and/or re-organize emotional responses, create lasting changes in interactional patterns by introducing new ways of communicating and connecting, and to foster the creation of a secure attachment bond between couples. I completed a course in EFT with Dr. Sue Johnson as part of my couple therapy training.

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